Guest speaker Baron Wormser will set the stage for the opening night film, Liberty Heights, with his talk about growing up in Baltimore in the late '50s and '60s when the word "Restricted" was the norm and meant "No Jews or Dogs Allowed," and the Civil Rights Movement was underway and attracting many Jewish participants.

Wormser will have his newest novel, Teach Us That Peace, available for signing and will answer questions about his writing after the screening.

For a review of this book, please check out poet Dawn Potter's review on her blog:

Liberty Heights is the capstone of Academy Award-winning director Barry Levinson's Baltimore Quartet and follows the growing pains of two Jewish teens during 1954, the year the Baltimore schools were integrated.

FILM Liberty Heights 7:30pm

Drama, Comedy 1999 R 2hr. 12 min.

Writer/Director: ]: Barry Levinson

Starring: Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds), Adrien Brody (The Pianist), Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy), Bebe Neuwirth, Ben Foster,

It is 1954, and it isn’t just the color line that is being broken by the Jewish brothers in the Kurtzman family.

Academy Award winning writer/director Barry Levinson returns to his hometown of Baltimore, where he previously set three nostalgic features (Diner, Tin Men, and Avalon) for this story of two Jewish brothers growing up in Baltimore in the tumultuous days of 1954, as rock 'n' roll, the atom bomb, and the Civil Rights Movement change the way they look at the world forever. While their father, Joe Mantegna, supports the family officially from the earnings of the waning Vaudeville Circuit, and off the books from the numbers rackets, his sons are testing the old boundaries that separated races and religions.

With rock ‘n’ roll tearing down color lines faster than the freedom marchers, Baltimore in the mid-50s captures the many contrasts of a new America’s painful and exuberant hatching into the modern era. And this Jewish-American family was right there in the center of it.

Trailer: Liberty Heights