Who was the first Jewish American? Go to any book index, and you won’t find a name. After fifteen years of research, and consulting with leading Asser Levy expert, Leo Hershkowitz, Professor Emeritus of Queens College, Dorothy Gilbert-Goldstone will tell the breathtaking story of the Recife Jews’ escape from the grip of the Inquisition, arriving just in time to celebrate the first Rosh Hashana in North America in 1654.  

But, contrary to legend, only one of the twenty-three passengers can claim to be the first Jewish American, and Gilbert-Goldstone will tell you why.

Come hear what drove the other refugees away while Asser Levy, the poorest of them all, stayed on and prospered, earning the title: ‘First Jewish American.’  

Dorothy Gilbert-Goldstone studied history at Harvard University and currently writes historical fiction about Jewish topics set in the 16th and 17th centuries.