6:45 - Reception  



5:30 p.m. Film – When Comedy Went to School

Documentary; Comedy

1 hr. 16 min.

Directors: Mevlut Akkaya, Ron Frank

Writer: Lawrence Richard

Producers: Mevlut Akkaya, Ron Frank, Lawrence Richard

Narrator: Robert Klein

Deftly woven interviews and clips document the contribution of the Catskills to the development of a generation of comedians who went on to influence and entertain audiences around the world. It captures precious moments, always to be treasured, and leaves the viewer with an inspiring portrait of this country's greatest generation of comedians. The interviews include Jerry Lewis, Sid Caesar, Robert Klein, Jackie Mason, Mort Sahl, Jerry Stiller, Larry King, and others, all of whom make appearances in the film, telling jokes and sharing their stories.

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8:00 p.m. Film – Sweet Lorraine

Drama, Comedy PG-13 1 hr. 31 min

Producer/Director: Steve Gomer

Screenplay: Shelly Altman/ Michael Zettler

Starring: Maureen Stapleton (Academy Award winner), TriniAlvarado

The elderly owner (Maureen Stapleton) of one of the last Catskill hotels, a beloved but aging landmark, is facing financial failure. The real estate developers whom she’s put off for years hover, just as her idealistic granddaughter (Trini Alvarado) arrives, unannounced and uninvited. She’s seeking some meaning in life, and saving the family hotel may be it.

While her grandmother ruefully counts the pennies, comforts the guests, and eyes the need for repairs, her granddaughter gets a taste of reality as she trains in the kitchen and proves herself worthy to a loyal staff who have come to call Sweet Lorraine their summer home too. Maureen Stapleton grounds the film with a pitch- perfect performance, welcoming the regulars, while scolding the help with honey instead of vinegar. She weaves a character filled with the weight of a family business heirloom on her shoulders, while still glowing with romance when the time is right with her annual summer visitor.

Considered by many movie critics to be the most authentic film about the Catskills, Sweet Lorraine was actually shot at the old Heiden Hotel. The film's director and producer, Steve Gomer, spent his childhood summers at the Heiden and later grew up to marry the granddaughter of the hotel's original owners. His own grandfather had been the salad chef at the Heiden in the 1950s.

Trailer: Sweet Lorraine (Note – Film starts with a b&w still, but film is in color)