CREATING A MEMORY BOX – Three Writing Workshops

Facilitated by Dorothy Goldstone

Join me this summer in a series of writing workshops in which we’ll both explore and capture treasured moments from the past.

This year, to help guide us across the great map of personal memory, I have divided the three workshops into a search for a specific moment of an emotion. Each participant is welcome to substitute another emotion, but let’s use this as the lens through which we look for a moment in time to write about.

I am asking each of you to prepare by selecting no more than three small items – mementos, or objects, to use as personal prompts. For instance: the nib of an ink pen, a broken handle of a china cup, a key, a photo -- or perhaps something generic such as a Q-tip, or seed packet, or news headline. Whatever you choose should be small enough to fit inside a standard photo storage box, because each of you receives one. This will be filled gradually with your pages and mementos, and may be decorated between our sessions.


July 19 - Fear

A universal emotion, whether generated by something life threatening or imaginary, this emotion is selected for those of us ready to explore and perhaps resolve one of the most primal, as well as life saving human emotions. Is there a moment when fear changed the way you looked at life? Is this the moment to start writing about it? Perhaps even to start changing that response?


August 2 - Love 

Puppy, mother, first love, platonic, romantic, unrequited love! And those are just six out of an endless array of emotions under that category – which memory of love do you want to remember forever?


September 20 - Surprise

As an emotion, surprise can lead us into memories dark or bright, joyful or terrifying. The magic of this emotion is that it is often a game-changer. Getting caught off guard, our responses happen at an unconscious level, and we sometimes discover things about ourselves and others that we might never have guessed.


Sessions ~ Attend one or all three ~

At each session, I will offer one or two short warm-ups (depending on the size of our group) before we write for thirty minutes.

  • Reading your work aloud is optional. All levels of writers are welcome.

  • The workshop, limited to 8 participants, provides a safe and supportive environment for writers.

  • Please bring notebook, pen or pencil, or fully charged notebook.

  • Light refreshments served.

WHEN: 10 a.m. – Noon, Sundays: July 19, Aug 2, September 20

WHERE: Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation Library

FEE: Suggested contribution $10 per session. $25 for all 3 sessions