August 20: 

6:30   Complimentary Refreshments for all ticket holders ON THE PATIO

7:00   SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Lawrence Bush, editor, Jewish Currents

7:30   THE FRONT

Starring Woody Allen, Zero Mostel, Herschel Bernardi

Director Martin Ritt      Writer   Walter Bernstein

Length 94 minutes      Rating  PG     

Don’t miss Closing Night and the events that go with it ! “The Front” starring Woody Allen and the great Zero Mostel is a bittersweet comedy set in the McCarthy Era (A time when “Blacklist” wasn’t the name of a TV series!). With heartbreak and hilarity, film director Martin Ritt (himself a victim of the Hollywood blacklist) leads us through this dark comedy about an era in America when merely a whisper of association with a left-leaning cause could completely destroy a career and bring on financial ruin and social isolation for an entire family.

The McCarthy-era "witch hunts" in the entertainment industry set the stage for this comedy drama set in the 1950s. Howard Prince (Woody Allen) is a cashier at a corner bar who works as a small-time bookie on the side, with little success. One day, Howard's old friend Alfred Miller (Michael Murphy), a successful television writer, makes a business proposal to him; Alfred's leftist political views have resulted in him being blacklisted from the major television networks, and he can no longer get work. Alfred asks Howard to act as a "front" -- Howard puts his name on Alfred's scripts, sells them, and takes a cut of the payment for his trouble. Howard's new career as a "writer" is an instant success, and soon Howard is fronting for a handful of blacklisted scribes while earning a healthy income and becoming the toast of the television industry; another fringe benefit is a romance with beautiful network employee Florence Barrett (Andrea Marcovicci). However, comic Hecky Brown (Zero Mostel), who had a brief fling with socialism years before, now finds his past catching up with him, and he's told in order to save his job as host of a weekly television show, he has to get the goods on some suspicious figures, among them Howard Prince, whose background looks a little too clean for comfort. The Front was written by Walter Bernstein, who was himself blacklisted during the 1950s, as were co-stars Zero Mostel, Herschel Bernardi, and Lloyd Gough. Author: Mark Deming.

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Closing night also brings us a terrific guest speaker who happens to know a lot about the Jewish Left. In fact, Lawrence Bush, editor of Jewish Currents, has just finished the two-part article “The Jewish Left: A Visual History,” coming out in the spring and summer issues of his magazine. His Scholar-in-Residence at BHC will begin at the Colonial Theatre on Thursday evening as he puts “The Front” and the blacklist in perspective and fields your questions. On Friday evening, he will join us for services and a potluck Sabbath dinner to continue the intriguing conversation.

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