August 6:   5:30 SHALOM Y'ALL

6:30  Between shows join us for Complimentary Refreshments ON THE PATIO

We return to the American South for our third film event, a double feature. At 5:30 p.m., enjoy the award-winning documentary, “Shalom Y’All” which provides a very fascinating overview of the development of Jewish society in the American South.

Traveling in a vintage Cadillac, filmmaker Brian Bain, a third generation Jew from New Orleans, sets out on a 4200-mile road trip though the American South. Traveling through Delta flatlands, small towns in Mississippi, suburban subdivisions, Texas ranches, and sprawling Sunbelt metropolises what he uncovers is the unique and diverse history of Southern Jews. Along the way, Bain woos his future wife, herself a southern Jew, and discusses Jewish participation in the Civil Rights Movement with Andrew Young. Shalom Y’all is peopled with interesting characters, including Zelda Millstein from Natchez, a hoop-skirted tour guide at a plantation; Leo Center, a Golden Gloves boxing champion from Savannah who learned how to box by literally fighting his way to get to synagogue; Tupelo’s Jack Cristil, Mississippi State’s football game announcer for nearly a half-century; an African American-Jewish police chief; a kosher butcher; and musician provocateurs Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. Bain discovers a vibrant regional cultural and hundreds of year of rich history in a film that is happily flavored with both its Jewish and Southern roots.

We in the North Country will discover some parallels with their challenges, and can take time to ‘chew the fat’ on that topic at the Q & A during our 6:30 reception- intermission with refreshments on the Colonial patio.

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6:30  Between shows join us for Complimentary Refreshments ON THE PATIO


Starring Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy, Dan Aykroyd, Esther Rolle

Length: 1 hr. 32 minutes      Genre: Drama-Comedy           Rating: PG

“a luminous joy of a film, heartbreakingly delicate..”  Jay Carr, Boston GlobeDriving Miss Daisy affectionately covers the 25-year relationship between a wealthy, strong-willed Southern matron (Jessica Tandy) and her equally indomitable Black chauffeur, Hoke (Morgan Freeman). Both employer and employee are outsiders, Hoke because of the color of his skin, Miss Daisy because she is Jewish in a WASP-dominated society. At the same time, Hoke cannot fathom Miss Daisy's cloistered inability to grasp the social changes that are sweeping the South in the 1960s. Nor can Miss Daisy understand why Hoke's "people" are so indignant. It is only when Hoke is retired and Miss Daisy is confined to a home for the elderly that the two fully realize that they've been friends and kindred spirits all along.  Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning play by two time Tony Award winner, Alfred Uhry

“ It is an immensely subtle film, in which hardly any of the most important information is carried in the dialogue and in which body language, tone of voice or the look in an eye can be the most important thing in a scene. After so many movies in which shallow and violent people deny their humanity and ours, what a lesson to see a film that looks into the heart…”  ROGER EBERT

Author Alfred Uhry received the Pulitzer Prize for the play upon which the film was based. “Driving Miss Daisy” won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Screenplay (Alfred Uhry), Best Actress (Jessica Tandy), and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor (Morgan Freeman). 

See the trailer for Driving Miss Daisy

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Sponsored in part by the Gretchen Beinecke Trust, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire.