Join Rabbis Jonathan Rubenstein and Linda Motzkin from Saratoga Springs, NY,  for a fun weekend of Challah Baking and Torah scribing.


Thursday evening, July 14th - 6:30
Meet on the patio of the Colonial Theater before the showing of "DOUGH".

Friday morning, July 15th
10am  -  Challah baking, preparation of the dough with Rabbi Jonathan.  
10:30am  -  Begin preparing parchment for Torah panel with Rabbi Linda
11:30am  -  Braid and shape challah loaves for baking

Friday July 15th, 6:30pm -- Welcome the Sabbath

Saturday, July 16th  9:30am Shabbat Service
                                10:15am Torah Study - Parshat Chukat

Sunday July 17th, 10am  -  Finish parchment panel