Story of Esther Study Group ~ 1030 a.m., Saturday, March 11

The Real Story of Esther - with Rabbi David Edleson

In the BHC Classroom

Is Esther a true story? How much of it is accurate? How does it fit with what scholars know about ancient Persia? How much seems like Jewish creative myth-making? How do the characters in the Book of Esther relate to ancient deities like Ishtar and Marduk?

     Join Rabbi Edleson to study the Book of Esther, the origins of our most boisterous holiday, and to reflect on why the rabbis teach that even after the Messiah comes and all other holidays fall away, we will still need Purim. 

    RSVP to Rabbi Edleson - .  Because it is still winter, we are not sure how many will be able to attend. Please let me know about your interest in this study session!