Kabbalat Shabbat and Pot Luck Dinner. 6:30 pm.

Come join us to celebrate Shabbat and Shavuot (fashionably late) and kick off the summer season at BHC!  If weather permits, we'll have the short service (no sermon!) outside, singing together before coming in for a nice Shabbat dinner and discussion. 

Shabbat Dinner Pot-Luck7:15 pm  

After welcoming the Sabbath with song, we will go to the social hall for a nice Shabbat dinner together.   It is a tradition to eat dairy on Shavuot, so bring a dairy 'kosher-style' dish to share.  

RSVP to Dorothy Goldstone ~ She is coordinating the Shabbat dinner plans.                                        dorothygoldstone@gmail.com 

Discussion"The Short Lists"   8 pm   Shavuot celebrates the giving of Torah and Ten Commandments, so as dinner winds down, we will have a discussion around the tables about 'short lists' of laws in a range of religious and secular traditions, including Hindu, Buddhist, Humanist, and Muslim.  How do they compare to the Ten Commandments, and what variations do we find in Judaism itself?   Why do we, as humans, reach for these lists of key rules, and how might they help us lead more fulfilling meaningful lives?  

Read the Short Lists here