9:30-11 EMBODIED PRAYER” SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE with Cantor Josh Schreiber Shalem and Rabbi Edleson

Join us for a very special Shabbat Morning service filled with song and movement. Rabbi Edleson will lead us in uplifting songs and chants, and Cantor Joshua Schreiber Shalem will help us approach one or two prayers, such as the beautiful Nishmat prayer and the V’ahavta, using his “Embodied Prayer” techniques. If praying has often felt foreign and disconnect for you, this is a great way to experiment with innovative ways to connect spirit and body during prayer.

11-12pm  - In honor of our ‘Embodied Prayer” weekend, we will have a slightly shorter Torah Study, looking at the texts and history of some of the key prayers of the service, considering their history and meanings. Whether you’re religious or not, the prayers offer an insight into Jewish culture and world-view, and represent one of the great contributions to the world’s treasure of prayer and liturgy. Oneg to follow.



(If you want to get on the e-mail list for Torah Study, just send a note to dedleson@gmail.com. Each week, Rabbi Edleson sends out modern translations of the portion, and some questions to whet the appetite to learn. )