Aug 26 9:30- 10:30MORNING SERVICE
Our traditional short shacharit service. It’s only an hour so it is a great way to start Shabbat morning off right with a connection to our spirits and the gift of the world around us.

10:30-12 TORAH STUDY Shoftim: Deut 16:18 -17:7 Forbidden Worship
Shoftim” means judges, and this portion is full of passages that help us understand the Ancient Israelites view of justice, and how it differs from our modern sense of justice. We will consider not only Biblical ideas of justice, but also how the rabbis built upon and reshaped these ideas in Jewish law.  

Kiddush provided by Dorothy Goldstone

Join us around the fire for Havdalah, singing and s’mores around the fire pit in the yard of the synagogue. If there are songs you long to sing, let the rabbi know. 


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