I'm Not Rappaport

Starring Walter Matthau, Ossie Davis, Amy Irving
Written and Directed by Herb Gardner
Based on his play
Running Time: 135 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Rating: PG-13

SYNOPSIS:  This delightful comedy stars the irreverent and unforgettable Walter Matthau (the Odd Couple,  Sunshine Boys, Grumpy Old Men) opposite award-winner Ossie Davis.   It was written and directed by Herb Gardner (best known for A Thousand Clowns).  The NY Times reviewer described it well:  In ''I'm Not Rappaport,'' Mr. Matthau has one of the richest characters of his career, Nat Moyer, an 81-year-old unreconstructed New York Jewish radical, fantasist and troublemaker…. Mr. Matthau's hands, Nat attains a crusty, cantankerous nobility. His rash, eccentric campaigns against injustice and cruelty are an old man's way of raging against the dying of the light, of trying to make a difference in an indifferent world. It is with an almost vengeful glee that Mr. Matthau brings home the play's message: Imagination is the best defense.


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7:30  FILM followed by Q&A,  led by our guest speaker


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Returning Guest Speaker Lawrence Bush - Bush edits Jewish Currents, an independent, progressive magazine founded in 1946 and promotes Jewish identity as “a counterculture . . . in many ways antithetical to what drives our country today”.

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“Throughout the conservative onslaught of the past three decades,” Bush has editorialized in Jewish Currents, “we have argued repeatedly that Jewish identification with the have-nots is more consistent with our people’s history, tradition, self-interest, and prospects for continuity, than the currying of favor with the powers-that-be — especially when those powers resemble nothing more than Pharaoh, the imperial oppressor of Biblical Egypt.”[2]

He is also the editor of the daily blog JEWDAYO, discussing events from Jewish life and history on the anniversary of their occurrence.[3] In 2011, the entries from the first year of the blog, 2010, were collected into a printed daybook Jewdayo.[4]

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