Aug. 10       Borowsky Trio
     Frances Borowsky, cello
     Emmanuel Borowsky, violin
     Elizabeth Borowsky, piano

The program: “Inhale Life, Exhale Music”
     Harmonic Etudes - Jody Nagel
           No. 1: Major Triads, A Minor Third Apart (Moderately Fast)
           No. 4: Major Triads, A Major Third Apart (Fast and Light)
           No. 5: Major Triads, A Tritone Apart (Majestic and Exotic)

     Trio No. 1: Postcards from Dilsberg - The Borowsky Trio    
         Morning in Dilsberg
         Ready for Battle
         The Legendary Sleeping Chamber
         Rose of Dilsberg
         Triumphant March

     Trio No. 2: HARDY - The Borowsky Trio

     Othmar - Maria Newman   
         I. Misterioso - Molto Allegro

     Life An Impromptu - Dick Smith/Elizabeth Borowsky

     Spanish Rhapsody - Jaroslav Vanacek

     "Resurrection" from Trio No. 3 - The Borowsky Trio

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