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July 25th: Bethlehem Road Murder, Batya Gur.

Bethlehem Road Murder is no ordinary whodunit. In fact, the mystery takes a back step to the Bethlehem Road. Where the schisms in modern day Jerusalem are in full display – Palestinians renovating former Arab houses for Jews; Ashkenazi and Yemini Jews suspicious of each others’ traditions (while their children date each other); and old poor settlers worried about rising rents and young hip professionals wanting to gentrify the neighborhood. Her detective, Chief Superintendent Michael Ohayon of the Jerusalem police, was not only tall, dark-eyed and compassionate; he was also cerebral, introspective and melancholic. Trained in history and literature at Cambridge, he was the author of an unfinished doctoral dissertation on medieval guilds. He also has just bought an apartment in this neighborhood and is Yemini. In order to solve the murder, he must unearth Israel’s pastFor more information on the disappeared children of Israel, check out this NYT article: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/20/world/middleeast/israel-yemenite-children-affair.html . Gail Robinson and Martin Kessel will co-lead this discussion.