Based on American Author Nicole Krauss’ bestseller, “The History of Love” is a sprawling saga of undaunted ardor and merciless twists of fate. Spanning decades and continents the film’s central narrative begins in Pre-war Poland and follows Leo Gursky and Alma Mereminski, neighbors and sweethearts, whose romance is thwarted by the rise of fascism. Before the war Alma is sent to America; after the war Leo tries to find her, oblivious to the surprises that await him. Aided by a brilliant cast that includes Gemma Arterton and veteran actors Derek Jacobi and Elliot Gould, director Radu Mihaileanu deftly weaves the many threads of Krauss’ novel into a soaring epic that touches on the duties of Jewishness, literature, and love. 

Guest Speaker Carole Renard

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