High Holy Day Season 2019 - 5780

Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum Officiating

BHC serves the diverse local Jewish community and visitors to New Hampshire’s North Country. All people are warmly invited to worship with us during this High Holy Day season. Seating for all services is free and open to all.

For child sitting information, call David at 516-592-1462

SELICHOT- Saturday, September 21

7:30 PM Nosh.

8:00 PM - Havdalah and Selichot Service

The Selichot Service ‘jump-starts’ the High Holy Day period of reflection, self-evaluation, and renewal. Through the centuries, this service has become a focus on Jewish musical creativity, and so there are gorgeous, beloved melodies only sung for this service. Rabbi Edleson teaches us these tunes so that everyone can participate, regardless of Hebrew knowledge or background. Please join us for this special, meaningful service.


Sunday, September 29

6:00 PM Erev Rosh Hashana Service

The evening Rosh Hashanah service at BHC blends the best of Conservative and Reform liturgy for a participatory service filled with reflection, learning and, of course, singing, led by Rabbi Edleson. From traditional chanted chazzanut prayers to modern tunes sung with guitar, we at BHC come together from our differing backgrounds to celebrate the rich heritage we share. Join us to honor the Jewish New Year, and to begin the ‘Days of Awe,’ the Jewish period of atonement and renewal.

Thursday, September 21

9:30 a.m. Rosh Hashana Morning Service –

Come hear the shofar and wake up the ‘better self’ that sleeps in the depth of our spirits, waiting to be called. This year, Rabbi Edleson will serve as both rabbi and chazzan, giving our services the flexibility to serve the wide range of Jewish styles found in our North Country community. Whether you are Conservative, Reform, Renewal, or “spiritual not religious’, our participatory musical service will strive to share the beauty and meaning of the Jewish New Year with all who join us. All are welcome!

1:30 PM Dairy Potluck Luncheon at home of Martin Kessel and Gail Robinson

3:00 PM Tashlich- Casting our Sins into Living Waters

The beautiful tashlich service has become more and more popular in recent years as Jewish people search for spiritual meaning in the rituals of our ancestors. We will gather next to the bridge over the Ammonoosuc River at the end of Prospect St. for singing and sharing, before walking to the bridge to symbolically place our failures and mistakes of the past year into pieces of bread. The service culminates in the casting of the bread into the river, letting the flowing waters take away the past so that we might start the new year fresh and free of that burden. The service is brief, so if the longer services aren’t what you are looking for, consider joining us for Tashlich.


Thursday, September 21 6 PM APPLES AND HONEY: A Workshop on Repentence, Forgiveness, and T’shuva

Rosh HaShanah is a time of reflection, forgiveness and atonement, which in Judaism is called ‘tshuvah,’ or returning to our best selves. Join us for an informal, participatory workshop with exercised to help us reflect on our strengths and our failings of the past year, to help us find the strength to forgive and be the person we want to be in the new year. The evening will include singing, discussion, and Shofar blasts to help us go deeper into the spirit of ‘Return.” (Please note that some exercises will focus on writing, but if you do not write on a holiday, you can still participate fully.)

Friday, September 22,

10:00 AM Rosh Hashana Morning Service

Our “Second Day” Rosh Hashana service will focus on traditional prayers, chants and readings in the Conservative tradition. It is a lovely service, one in which the sounds of the traditional service sets the tone for our personal and communal work of reflecting on our failings and asking for forgiveness.

1:00 PM Dairy Potluck Luncheon – (TBA)


Friday, September 22

6:30 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat with a focus on the High Holy Days, forgiveness, atonement, and return to right relationships with what we hold sacred in our lives.

Saturday, September 23

9:30 a.m. Shabbat Shuvah Service -

A one-hour morning service with special melodies and prayers for the Days of Awe.

10:30 a.m. Torah Study -

We will be studying texts, prayers, and Chassidic stories related to the High Holy Days and the concept of ‘t’shuvah’ or spiritual renewal.


Sunday, September 24

12:00 Noon - BHC Community Cemetery Service


Friday, September 29 –

6:00 PM - Kol Nidrei and Erev Yom Kippur Service

Join us to experience the plaintive, haunting chanting of Kol Nidrei, a melody that stirs the Jewish heart and reminds us of the tenacity and resilience of our people, who despite everything, have survived and flourished. The service will be participatory, full of beloved songs and melodies focused on the themes of Yom Kippur. Whether you grew up with these melodies, or have never heard them, consider join us to experience this special evening service of the holiest day of the Jewish year.

Saturday, September 30 -

10:00 AM - Yom Kippur Morning Service

Our Morning services this year will be led by Rabbi Edleson, who will serve as the chazzan. Our morning service will be traditional AND participatory. Our focus will be on the meaning of the day and the singing of beloved shared melodies unique to the High Holy Days. We will consider the meaning of the day, the power of forgiveness and the dangers of certainty. If there are melodies that are dear to you and you would be willing to lead the singing, please let Rabbi Edleson know.


12:15 PM - Yizkor Service

A traditional Yizkor Memorial Service for those who have lost family and want to honor them on this holy day by the chanting of El Maleh Rahamim, Psalm 23, and the reading of Kaddish.

1 PM - Musaf Service.

The Musaf Yom Kippur Service is the liturgical high point of the Jewish Year, culminating in the great Amidah with its special prayers and for Yom Kippur. Rabbi Edleson will chant the service, but will also take time to explain the meaning of the key prayers and teach shared songs.

3 PM - Break

5:00 PM Mincha Study

As we approach the end of Yom Kippur, we take the time to reflect on who we are, who we have been, and who we wish to be. This service will be informal, and will focus on a discussion of the Book of Jonah, a Torah passage read in many synagogues on Yom Kippur, and reflection on the meaning of “t’shuvah”, or striving to be our best selves.

6:15 PM Neilah/Havdalah - TEKIAH GEDOLA!

At the ancient temple in Jerusalem, the “Neilah” service took place as the gates of the Temple began to close. In Jewish thought, this is a particularly auspicious time to pray as the ‘gates of heaven’, believed to be wide open during the High Holy Days, begin to close. The service culminates with the great blast of the Shofar that marks the end of Yom Kippur, and is followed by the beautiful service of Havdalah around a braided candle.

1:00 PM Dairy Potluck Luncheon (TBA)Afterwards: Tashlich- (TBA)

Friday, September 22 10:00 AM Rosh Hashana Day 2 1:00 PM Dairy Potluck Luncheon in the Social Hall, coordinated by Dorothy Goldstone.

Saturday, September 9:30 a.m. Shabbat Shuvah Service

Sunday, September 24 12:00 Noon - BHC Community Cemetery Service, Maple Street

Friday, September 29 6:00 PM Kol Nidre & Erev Yom Kippur Service

Saturday, September 30 10:00 AM Yom Kippur Service

12:15 p.m. Yizkor 3:00 PM Break

5:00 PM Mincha 7:00 PM Neilah Final Shofar

Potluck Break the Fast - hosted by Goldstone

[Times are Approximate – Come Early!]