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Dorothy Goldstone
Artistic Director
White Mountain Jewish Film Festival

Our 2017 SEASON

Thursday, July 6 ** Opening Night** Remember

REMEMBER is a "riveting, morally complex" film, starring academy award winners Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau.  (Film Journal International) 


Burdened with memory loss and his beloved wife’s recent passing, 90-year-old Zev Guttman (Academy Award-winner Christopher Plummer) is in a race against time to find personal catharsis and overdue justice. Having seemingly suppressed the wartime horrors of decades earlier, he is prompted to track down his fugitive Nazi tormentor by fellow Auschwitz survivor Max (Martin Landau), a wheelchair-bound resident of their New York City nursing home. Seizing on an elaborate mission of vengeance, Zev embarks on a cross-country odyssey to find the former commander responsible for murdering their families, who they now believe to be living somewhere in the country under an assumed identity. As Zev closes in on his target, his manhunt is complicated by his own constantly crumbling sense of self, leading inexorably to a shocking climax! ( English rated R)

          sponsored by Sharon Heyman And Family
7:30  FILM followed by Q&A


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Guest speaker, Anna B’at Chai Wrobel is a historian, teacher, poet, and speaker about the Holocaust.  Her parents were partisans and survivors, and she is a first generation American.  Wrobel’s poetry collection, MARENGO STREET, was published in 2012, and her historical essays and poems have appeared in several journals, and poetry collections. She is currently completing a new work that intertwines poetry, history, and memoir.  




Thursday, July 20 Crossing Delancey

CROSSING DELANCEY,” is a smart romantic-comedy that remains charming and fresh starring Golden Globe nominee Amy Irving and Peter Riegert (“Commonsense Media”)

Isabelle (Izzy) Grossman lives in two separate worlds: at 33, she still hasn’t found the right partner, but she does work in the trendiest book store on the upper West Side of Manhattan, mingling with the literati at the job, and enjoying their flirtations after-hours. At the same time, she is loyal to her beloved grandmother who still lives on the lower east side, a place once steeped in old-world Jewish culture, and now gradually transforming to the needs of new generations of new immigrants. Her grandmother wants Izzy to settle down with “a nice Jewish boy.” This doesn’t match at all with Izzy’s upper west side self-image. ''Crossing Delancey,'' is about the process whereby Izzy finally figures out what’s really important in her life.

Director, Joan Micklin Silver, and the writer, Susan Sandler (adapting her own play), manage to combine a nicely wry view of the modern world with the dreaminess of a fairy tale. (English and rated PG)

          sponsored by WREN
7:30  FILM followed by Q&A


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Guest Speaker Rick Winston, a film historian and public speaker, has been involved with film programs since 1970 when he founded the Lightning Ridge Film Society in Montpelier, Vermont that became the Savoy Theater in 1981, and which he ran with his partners until 2009. Winston was also one of the co-founders of Montpelier’s Green Mountain Film Festival, and served as its Programming Director until 2012.



Thursday, August 3 The Attack

An esteemed Israeli Palestinian doctor (portrayed by international award-winner, Ali Suliman) has lived and worked in Tel Aviv for his entire career and has been happily married for many years. Suddenly his world turned upside down by a suicide bombing, in which his wife his killed. The tragedy grows exponentially for her husband, Amin, as he begins to learn why she was caught in the explosion, and how much of her life he didn’t know. What is most impressive about "The Attack" is its ability to be sympathetic to all sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and most especially to Amin, the husband, who finds himself stranded in the middle. Alive to the pain everyone feels, the film captures the nuances of a problem that has defied solution.

Film Critic Roger Ebert described “The ATTACK” as “… the best kind of anti-war propaganda film: calm in feeling and mood, yet truly terrifying in showing the scourge of our age: terrorism, which can strike anybody, anywhere, at any time.” (Hebrew with English subtitles and rated R)


          Sponsored by Jack Karp and Judith Felsen
7:30  FILM followed by Q&A

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SPEAKER: DOV WAXMAN – Professor Waxman is an expert on Israel. His research focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli foreign policy, U.S. – Israel relations, and American Jewry’s relationship with Israel. He is Northeastern University’s Stotsky Professor of Jewish Historical and Cultural Studies and co-director of Northeastern’s Middle East Institute. His latest work, “TROUBLE IN THE TRIBE: The American Jewish Conflict over Israel,” will be available for purchase at the film festival.

Professor Waxman is Northeast University's Stotsky Professor of Jewish Historical and Culltural Studies, and co-director of Northeastern's Middle East Institute.   Waxman is an expert on Israel and focuses his research on   the American Jewry's relationship with Israel, Israeli foreign policy, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and  U.S. - Israel relations.   His latest work is Trouble in the Tribe:  The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel.  A limited number of signed copies will be available to purchase before the film.



Thursday, August 17 The Debt

THE DEBT is “A taut, beautifully crafted thriller..that tackles themes of humanity, revenge and truth.” (Time Out)

This story begins in the mid-1960s with the triumphant return of a trio of young Mossad agents from a secret overseas mission. Their accomplishment was killing “the Surgeon of Birkenau,” an infamous Nazi (obviously inspired by Josef Mengele) living comfortably in East Berlin under an assumed name. Leap forward 30 years, and the three legendary figures (played by Helen Mirren in the present, and Jessica Chastain in the past) are compelled to revisit the pivotal event that shaped their lives and careers and races towards a nail-biting finish! (English and rated






          Sponsored by Tom and Robin Greenlaw
7:30  FILM followed by Q&A

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Speaker: Larry Lowenthal – adjunct Professor at Northeastern University, he has taught courses on “Anti-Semitism in 20th Century American Film and Literature” and “The Impact of Jews on Popular American Culture: The Hollywood Film, The Broadway Musical, Literature, Poetry, Stand-Up Comedy, Drama and Television”. Until 2008, Professor Lowenthal served as Executive Director of the Boston chapters of several Jewish organizations, culminating in his 20 years of service as executive director of the American Jewish Committee’s Boston Chapter


This delightful comedy stars the irreverent and unforgettable Walter Matthau (the Odd Couple, Sunshine Boys, Grumpy Old Men) opposite award-winner Ossie Davis. It was written and directed by Herb Gardner (best known for A Thousand Clowns). The NY Times reviewer described it well:

In ''I'm Not Rappaport, Mr. Matthau has one of the richest characters of his career, Nat Moyer, an 81-year-old unreconstructed New York Jewish radical, fantasist and troublemaker…. In Mr. Matthau's hands, Nat attains a crusty, cantankerous nobility. His rash, eccentric campaigns against injustice and cruelty are an old man's way of raging against the dying of the light, of trying to make a difference in an indifferent world. It is with an almost vengeful glee that Mr. Matthau brings home the play's message: Imagination is the best defense.” (English rated PG)


          Sponsored by Mia Jacobson
7:30  FILM followed by Q&A

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Speaker: Lawrence Bush – Author of many books for children and adults, poet, and the editor of JEWISH CURRENTS Magazine and its engaging website ( His daily blog, JEWDAYO, highlights events from Jewish life and history on the anniversary of their occurrence. Mr. Bush was our Guest Speaker for our 2015 Closing Night Film “The Front”

*** What a line-up of speakers and films! We’re looking forward to seeing longtime friends, as well as newcomers!


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Opening Night - July 14

We kick off the season with "Dough," a fairytale for adults starring award winning British actor Jonathan Price as an aging baker, working with an economically challenged refugee struggling to make a new life in a foreign land.  A randy widow, an opportunistic drug lord, and a scheming business executive are tossed into the mixing bowl.

Opening Night Speaker Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein knows a lot about challah baking! Rubenstein, a master Challah baker, co-founded the inspiring Bread and Torah Organization with his wife, Rabbi and Torah scribe Linda Motzkin. Rabbis Rubenstein and Motzkin will be running workshops and leading services throughout the weekend. For more information about the rabbis and their work , visit

STARRING:  Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones)
                      Pauline Collins (Shirley Valentine)

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Synopsis: Curmudgeonly widower Nat Dayan (Jonathan Pryce) clings to his way of life as a Kosher bakery shop owner in London’s East End. Understaffed, Nat reluctantly enlists the help of teenager Ayyash (Jerome Holder), who has a secret side gig selling marijuana to help his immigrant mother make ends meet. When Ayyash accidentally drops his stash into the mixing dough, the challah starts flying off the shelves and an unlikely friendship forms between the old Jewish baker and his young Muslim apprentice. Dough is a warmhearted and humorous story about overcoming prejudice and finding redemption in unexpected places..

Thursday July 28

“Our most prolific and provocative moviemaker uses his wit to touch a nerve…Crimes and Misdemeanors is so funny it hurts…” ROLLING STONE

Come watch the extraordinary cast of “CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS," a unique film by Woody Allen which explores the complexity of life, death, God, religion, morality, crimes and responsibility, love and lust, happiness and the price one pays for it, and among those eternal subjects - how much fun it is to skip work or school and to sneak off to the movies...!   

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Guest Speaker Rick Winston, a film historian and public speaker, has been involved with film programs since 1970 when he founded the Lightning Ridge Film Society in Montpelier, Vermont that became the Savoy Theater in 1981, and which he ran with his partners until 2009.  Winston was also one of the co-founders of Montpelier’s Green Mountain Film Festival, and served as its Programming Director until 2012. “Crimes and Misdemeanors” is one of his favorites, and he will give us background, history, and help to explore the meaning of this unique Allen film. Read more about Rick Winston at

Friday, August 5th

“A classically simple story, told through an elegant visual language as bold as it is thoughtful, this is an important film not just in content but in form….“Son of Saul” is the debut film of the 38-year-old director László Nemes, and it is a work of remarkable power…” Winner of the 2016 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

A special joint presentation with the Colonial Theater of this year’s Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner for Best Foreign Film: "SON OF SAUL."  It is a grueling portrayal of the most horrendous event in human history.  The film explores the boundaries of being human and how we can we keep our dignity in a cruel, human-less world.

Interview with Son of Saul director

BHC is honored to welcome Spirit Holder Eve Marko, co-founder of the Zen Peacemakers’ “Bearing Witness at Auschwitz Program.” Marko brings a deeply personal perspective as a child of survivors and later the co-founder of Zen Peacemakers’ annual Bearing Witness Retreats at Auschwitz-Birkenau. This film, as challenging as it is, could also be transformative, and Marko will guide us into and through the experience. To learn more about Zen Peacemakers’ founder Bernie Glassman, the Bearing Witness Program, and the Three Tenets (Not-knowing, Bearing Witness, and Loving Actions), please visit the-beginning/.

Thursday, August 11

“A fascinating little-known historical tale stirringly recounted about Jewish-American fighter pilots who volunteered to fight for Israel in its 1948 War of Independence.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

We bring you the acclaimed film "ABOVE AND BEYOND," directed by award-winning director Roberta Grossman. This celebrated film produced by Nancy Spielberg portrays the little-known story of the Jewish-American pilots who volunteered to fight for Israel in the War of Independence. This ragtag band of brothers not only turned the tide of the war and prevented the possible annihilation of Israel at the very moment of its birth; they also laid the groundwork for the Israeli Air Force.

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Our guest speaker, Arthur Bernstein, lived through this era and volunteered as a seaman for the Bet Aliya sealift effort that carried thousands of refugees across the Mediterranean to Israel. He has since served as President of American Veterans for Israel, the organization of Americans who served in Israel’s War of Independence.  Background Resources: http://www.israelvets.commuseum_production.html and

Closing Night - August 25

“Heartfelt and heartwarming, Deli Man is documentary filmmaking at its tastiest.” TORONTO STAR

Don't miss the featuring of the deliciously funny "DELI Man," paired with special catered kosher deli delights during our ON THE PATIO gathering.  

Click here for the trailer

Guest speaker Ted Merwin is the author of “Pastrami on Rye, An Overstuffed History of the JewishDeli,” winner of a 2015 Jewish Book Award. Merwin is Associate Professor of Judaic Studies at Dickenson College (PA) and Director of the college’s Milton B. Asbell Center for Jewish Life. He writes about Jewish theater, dance, and food for the New York Jewish Week and other major newspapers and magazines. Film and deli lovers will have a chance to purchase autographed copies of his book after the film. For more info about Merwin, see

For this spectacular closing night event, BHC and the WMJFF Committee thank Nancy Gugenheim who inspired us to screen “Deli Man,” by offering to sponsor a real spread of kosher deli appetizers for our closing night social hour on the patio.


We are ready and eager to invest in speakers for every event. This is our biggest budget item, since most speakers are traveling to Bethlehem and require room and board, as well as an honorarium. Your donations, large and small, are the underpinning of the WMJFF and promote our ultimate goal of “Building Community Through the Arts." Thank you so much for your generous support!

For more information, call 917-838-2646, Dorothy Goldstone, Festival Director, WMJFF



Tickets: BHC & Colonial Members - $9 ($6 for Son of Saul)           General Admission - $10 ($8 for Son of Saul)

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